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Absolute Ayurveda clinic is a dream comes true of the Ayurveda family of Dr Sreejith and Dr Soumya. They went through Traditional Ayurveda Training under Legendary Ayurveda masters. After their graduation in Ayurveda, inspired by the concept of “Gurukula -teacher and student family”. They formed absolute ayurveda family by connecting patients and students from Russia, Europe, Australia, United states and various Asian countries through Ayurveda.

Absolute ayurveda family undertakes various social activities including offering elderly poor local patients free treatments. We are working here since last 10 yearsA

“Heal yourself through knowing your-self"

We provide ayurvedic treatments such as massages, and all range of Panchakarma.

We have made several programs to help you regain your full health.

We are also teachers who like to broadcast ayurvedic knowledge. We have different courses if you want to learn about massages and ayurvedic treatments.

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