Ear, eye, nose and throat care

Medicated eye drops for pain, redness and itching of eyes.


Medicated paste applied over eye lids.


Bidalaka is a procedure where the medicated herbal paste applied over the eye lids and giving bandage on it.


Keeping medicated ghee in eyes. The duration of retention of the Tharpana ghee is 20 – 40 minutes, starting with 20 minute and gradually increasing in duration.

Effective in cataract, dryness of the eyes, muscular weakness and other visual problems.


Application of collirium.


Nasal drops coming under panchakarma for removing dosha from head.


Holding medicated oil or decoction inside the mouth without movement.


Gargling medicated oil and decoction.


Herbal ear drops


Medicated fumes for detoxification of ear.


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