Relaxation treatments

Head massage followed by pouring lukewarm medicated oil on forehead like a narrow stream from a height. Shirodhara is good for the management of stress and insomnia.

Shirodhara with medicated oil pacifies vata. Good for dryness of head and sense organs, insomnia , stress.

Shirodhara with medicated milk pacifies pitha. Good for burning sensation, redness of eyes, intolerance to heat and light, mental irritation, aggressive mind disorders.

Shirodhara with medicated butter milk pacifies kapha. Good for mental depression, heaviness of head, drowsiness.

Pressure point-massage of the feet and palms to stimulate the organs and improves the tone of the nerves.


It is the procedure in which medicated oil is retained on the head for the management of neurological problems.


Covering the head with herbal paste. It enhances good sleep, nourishes hair follicles and improves the tone of hair. It is also beneficial in the management of psychosomatic disorders.


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